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1979 - 1993 Mustang Aluminum Radiator 5 Speed - Dual Fans

1979 - 1993 Mustang Aluminum Radiator 5 Speed - Dual Fans

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This is our HD all new aluminum radiator for the 1979 – 1993 Ford Mustang 5.0L. It will handle up to 700 horsepower and features:

– All aluminum construction with a heavy duty 2-row core with 1.0″ tubes

– Aluminum shroud and dual high powered 11″ 1500 CFM fans for 3000 CFM total

– Billet CNC machined filler neck. A new cap is included.

– Fully TIG welded construction with no epoxy.

– Upper hose connection is 1-1/4, lower is 1-1/2. Core dimensions are 24-1/2″ wide x 18-3/4″ overall height. The total thickness including to the top of the fan motors is 6-7/8″.

– Will reliably cool up to 700 hosepower.

The radiators are not polished and have a natural finish. For photos, the radiators have been removed from the packaging and cleaned with an aluminum cleaner and scotch brite.

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