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1958 Chevy Impala Aluminum HD ECP Radiator

1958 Chevy Impala Aluminum HD ECP Radiator

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This is it, no more searching the internet for the best radiator for your Impala. You will not find any radiator that 1) looks this nice and 2) cools as well for anything near this price. If you have a 3-row that isn't living to the hype, then this is the answer to your cooling woes.

Featuring die formed tanks, it will drop right into your Impala and cool up to 550 horsepower with ease. Also available with our 16" 3300 CFM fan and aluminum shroud for a complete drop-in cooling package that in a few clicks or phone call, will do away with your Impala cooling problems for good.

- 2 rows of big 1.0" cooling tubes for REAL cooling up to 550 horsepower. It will lay waste to any 3-row garbage.

- Stacked plate heavy duty transmission cooler.

- Die formed aluminum tanks for classic styling with modern technology.

- Includes drain cock and new 16 psi cap.

- See diagram below for dimensions and additional specifications.

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