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1955 - 1959 Chevy Truck Aluminum Radiator Scratch and Dent

1955 - 1959 Chevy Truck Aluminum Radiator Scratch and Dent

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Just in, this is a scratch-and-dent inventory price. This bad boy has light fin damage from a previous installation attempt. Due to inadequate packaging for return shipping, the driver-side mounting bracket is slightly dented into the core. The mounting brackets are not in the pictures but are included. Please refer to the original listing below for refrence. Aside from that, it's in great shape and ready to drop in your 1955 - 1959 Chevy Truck. It's been pressure tested and guaranteed not to leak. Get it now for 30% off the price of a brand-new model.

*** See pictures for details of the above described ***

These scratch and dent models go FAST; get this great deal while you can.

Please be aware that scratch and dent models are not eligible for returns. However, they still come with a 2-year warranty against leakage, ensuring your peace of mind. 

Questions about this specific radiator? Give our shop manager Carlos a call ‪(773) 656-6333‬.

Original product listing:


1955 – 1959 Chevy Truck Aluminum Radiator

This is our all new aluminum radiator for the 1955 - 1959 Chevy pickup truck that use the 25-1/4" bolt center (please see the diagram below). It has die formed tanks, looks great and cool greats while giving your ride style with modern cooling technology.

- Die formed tanks to give your ride a classic look while providing modern cooling technology. 

- All aluminum construction with a heavy duty 2-row core with 1.0" tubes.

- Adjustable brackets are slotted and require no drilling, unlike the cheap radiators that require you to drill your own mounting holes. 

- Billet CNC machined filler neck. A new cap is included. 

- Fully TIG welded construction with no epoxy.

- Upper hose connection is 1-1/2", lower is 1-3/4".

- Please refer to the diagram below for dimensions.

- Heavy duty plate transmission cooler, not a cheap round cenctric cooler. Your lead sled needs a heavy duty transmission cooler, due to the weight of these trucks.

Also available with dual electric fans and aluminum shroud



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