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1955 - 1956 Chevy 6 Cylinder Mount - 16" HPX 3300 CFM Fan + Aluminum Shroud

1955 - 1956 Chevy 6 Cylinder Mount - 16" HPX 3300 CFM Fan + Aluminum Shroud

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Wiring Harness Kit


1955 – 1957 Chevy 6 Cylinder Mount With 3000 CFM HPX Fan

This is our all new aluminum radiator for the 55 - 56 Chevy's for the 6 cylinder mounting position with high powered 16" high powered fan and shroud kit. Please see our part number 1427 for the V8 mounting position. It looks great and cool greats while giving your ride style.

Note: We do not recommend this radiator for 502 or larger big blocks, it simply doesn't have enough surface area. Give us a call (773)599-3067 to order our big block radiator/dual fan combo.

- Die formed tanks to give your ride a classic look while providing modern cooling technology. 

- TIG welded aluminum shroud with billet mounts

- High powered 16" fan. This fan moves A TON of air. No rainbows and unicorns imaginary 9000 CFM fans found on the gimmick radiators. No crappy zip tie gimmicks.

- All aluminum construction with a heavy duty 2-row core with 1.0" tubes (not a 3-row gimmick making outrageous 1000HP cooling claims).

Beware of gimmick 2-rows with 1 row of 1.0" tubes and a second row of 1/2" tubes! MOST other 2-rows on Ebay are only 2-rows of 3/4" tubes, not 2-rows of 1.0" tubes!

- Brackets are slotted and require no drilling, unlike the cheap radiators that require you to drill your own mounting holes.

- Billet CNC machined filler neck. A new cap is included. You will find most if not all other 55 - 56 Chevy radiators on Ebay have a cheap stamped filler neck that is prone to breaking.

- Fully TIG welded construction with no epoxy.

- Upper hose connection is 1-1/2, lower is 1-3/4.

- Heavy duty plate transmission cooler, not a cheap round concenctric cooler. Your 55 - 56 Chevy needs a heavy duty transmission cooler, due to the weight of these cars.

- NOTE: This will not fit 1957 cars that have the upper hose connection offset towards the drivers side without modifying the hood brace.

Questions? Call Frank our Tri-5 55-57 Chevy Expert (773)599-3067

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